Lay me down for bed and tuck me in, but first would you please spread my legs?  Tug down my pajamas and tickle across my stomach with your fingers.  Laugh while i squirm  and beg you to cease your gentle advances, “Daddy, i’m tired!”
“Now now, little one, I want to make sure you have sweet dreams. What’s sweeter than falling asleep with your panties sticky and your body blushing with ecstasy?”  You whisper as you hover over me, fingers slinking their way between my bare lips, teasing, tantalizing, tickling - and my body will tremor. 
Untie the rest of my jammies and view me for what i am - pink-flesh play-doh in your fingers.  Mold me into your little princess, perfect for you - with your fingers between my legs coaxing sweet candy juices and your hand holding mine.
i would blush and whimper, whispering your title with each breath, “Daddy… Daddy… i can feel it, Daddy.”
“Cum, babygirl.”
And i would erupt against your hand, my face flushed and glistening with beads of sweat.  i would hide my face with my hands and laugh nervously, and you would crawl out of my bed and pull my panties back up around my hips.  
“Goodnight, princess,” and a kiss to the forehead, and its lollipops and rainbows for my dreamspace.


Unf yes. Daddy/girl molestation play all day every day plz.